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Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

Our Mission is to provide premier conference call services, web conferencing, video conferencing, and telecommunication products and professional service at a cost effective rate to our clients. We are passionate in providing solutions for your specific needs. We are committed to continued education in current and new technologies to keep you at the forefront of business. We are committed to be personally available to solve any problem and assist you with all your telecommunication needs.




Why use videoconferencing?

There are many benefits to using video conferencing :

  1. You can communicate more regularly with people in other districts or countries, which would usually be costly or impossible if you had to travel.
  2. You can video conference with many more people than would fit into a single meeting room because each party will be using their own facilities.
  3. Video conference communication and meetings are often much shorter in total as no travel is involved. A meeting that may take you away from work for four hours (due to travel) may take only one or two hours using a video conference.
  4. Using video conferencing saves money as it can lower your expenses - there is no need for all the costs involved with travelling, such as meals and tickets.
  5. A telephone call or e-mail is not always the best way to communicate with another person. Interactive meetings can help to generate ideas, and enable people to read and react to others' sensitivities.
  6.  Video conferencing allows for collaboration by document sharing. Many people in different areas can work on the same project and make contributions.
  7. Many institutions can receive the same broadcast simultaneously, and thus a much greater level of participation can be gained. For example, a lecture being broadcast to students at many different educational institutions

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